Research Aid

Welcome to our resource and research page! Here you will find useful links, search engines, and resources to help you with any knowledge search you have, as well as online reading adventures! Whether you need information for that upcoming paper or are looking for some fun interactive library tools, the resources here are a great starting point! (Please email or speak with your librarian about login information)


  • Pebble Go Next Database
    • The PebbleGo Next family of databases helps students in Grades 3-5 learn about key concepts related to Social Studies, Science, States, and American Indians. Robust articles, all supported by read-aloud audio and connected to curriculum, include critical thinking questions to help students connect to larger ideas.
  • Pebble Go
    • This database will allow access to the following topics: Biographies, Animals, Social Studies and Science.
  • World Book Online
    • World Book Online is a wonderful resource! In order to use it, either come to the library, or phone us with your library card number. We'll give you a username and password for login.